Patrick Flaherty Astrology

Astrology offers a window on our universal human needs and values - connection, safety, power, love, spiritual transcendence - universal energies seeking expression and fulfillment in all of us. Your natal chart offers a window onto how those needs or energies express themselves through your uniqueness. My goal for my clients is that they come away from their reading with a deeper, felt connection to who they are, and a comprehensive understanding of where they are going.

- Patrick Flaherty


“Patrick Flaherty is a gifted astrologer. Thoughtful, thorough and kind. He takes his time and does not shy away from direct questions. I enjoyed his reading very much and learned a few things! I came away feeing calm and optimistic. He's a natural counselor, and I recommend his services to anyone seeking guidance in their lives and/or insight to their true nature.” - DL, LMFT, Psychotherapist

From the age of 19, I’ve been searching for healing, self-understanding, and knowledge of the universe and my place in it. Over the years, I’ve studied and practiced lots of spiritual and healing modalities, including Buddhism, Hinduism, the Gurdjieff Work, Non-Violent Communication, bodywork, and Somatic Experiencing. I’ve also been a musician all my life - I’ve written songs, produced albums, and toured all over Europe for 10 years with a blues band.

I’m a trauma survivor, so I know how important creating a safe space is. I slow down. I check in with how the client is feeling in the moment, before I throw a bunch of astro-speak at them. My main goal in the reading is connection, and the client's needs will be easier to address once that safe connection is forged.

I never set out to be an astrologer, but it wouldn’t leave me alone. It chose me. I love that it can address our spiritual longings, psychological issues, and mundane concerns within one system. I love that it can encompass everything I’ve picked up along the way. After many years of seeking truth and benefitting from the wisdom of others on the path, I feel grateful that I finally found a way to give back what has been given to me. I am honored by those who choose me to be a light on their path, however humble may be my offerings.
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