Uranus in Taurus

Feb 5, 2023 – Patrick Flaherty.

Uranus in Taurus (May 2018 – April 2026)

Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs, being fixed, and is associated with springtime, growth, planting crops, and various bodily pleasures. It is related to the 2nd house of resources. Uranus here has been transforming our relationship to the body, health, food, finances, and housing. This is happening on two fronts, which are diametrically opposed. The top down approach is questioning the very notion of body sovereignty, and adopting an attitude of cold science, fear, and scarcity. I hardly need list the sweeping changes wrought by these psychos and their spinless followers – mRNA drugs, synthetic meat, transhumanism, tasty cricket treats, exhorbitant rents.

The other approach from a growing part of the population is a response to this madness, which includes the soon punsihable heresies of natural health and living off the land. There was, of course, already such a movement, but it has gotten more serious lately. We have the North Node also in Taurus until mid July, which highlights the issue, but may make it feel like actualizing these ideals is a stretch. But when Jupiter enters Taurus on May 17, and stays for a year, we will feel more energy and ease to make these kinds of life changes, and that nasty Saturn/Uranus square will be but a distant memory.

This latest round of insults against the Goddess, who rules Taurus, is nothing new. It’s been a long campaign of attrition. Keeping alive the Feminine Principle in whatever area of life we can is crucial for our own health and well being, as well as that of the planet. It’s really all we can do, and it’s what we must do.

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