We need to talk about Uranus.

Feb. 5, 2023 ~ Ouranos is a sky god, related to the Hindu Varuna, who both creates the universe and maintains it through cosmic law. He rains down his creative force from heaven, which makes him a fitting ruler for Aquarius, the Water Bearer. This generative force can make us feel restless, dissatisfied with the status quo. But even before the revolution, come the revelations. An influx of wild ideas can leave us brimming over with raw potential, feeling heady, and even lead to hubris, as if we hold the secrets to the universe. If only people would listen! Uranus transits (or a strong Uranus in the natal chart) can be frustrating, lead to loneliness and isolation, and we may feel nobody will ever understand.

Creativity comes at a price – if it is realized, that price is work and possible isolation; if it is not realized, the price might be physical or mental breakdown. Energy wants to move, but that energy is often unable to move because of unreleased traumas. Healing is mainly releasing this stuck energy (creative potential) through various methods, but mainly by an attitude of gentle allowing and acceptance toward ourselves.

This full moon T-square to Uranus, on February 5, is likely to bring on a surge of creative inspiration, but it is equally likely to brush up against the fear and pain which has kept us from fully living our creative potential up to this point. For me, I notice I am taking another crack at drawing, as Uranus is already squaring my Moon/Venus conjunction in Aquarius (6th house). Doing a little bit every day might be all you need to do to take that edge off. And who knows where it will lead? As always, be gentle with yourselves.

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