“I found my reading with Patrick incredibly helpful. He's knowledgeable, intuitive - and has a unique insight into the movements of the planets and how they impact us. He's a gifted astrologer." NC


Do you feel stuck in a loop, always arriving at the same place no matter which path you take? We’ve all been there, and it’s beyond frustrating. A natal reading will help you look at your unique make-up - desires, values, conflicts, special talents - and get a handle on how they all work together. The art of reading a birth chart is in identifying all the parts and weaving them into a coherent whole, a vision of self that has beauty and purpose. This will give you the compassionate clarity to accept yourself as you are, as well as the confidence to move forward.


Sometimes the changes come so fast, it’s hard to catch our breath. A transit reading looks at what’s happening now, bringing perspective by identifying the major themes and lessons for you at this time. And yes, it can answer the question, "When's it all going to end?" But, more importantly, you'll have some tools to navigate rough waters, as you find your center. We'll reference back to your natal chart to find the resources to carry you through. The light on the path is inside you - it's always been there - astrology just reminds you where to look.


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